Each investment we execute is a challenge for us, which is why we carry them out with the utmost care for the highest quality. At every stage of our work, we carefully monitor the effects of our activities. Thanks to this, we have a full picture of the progress we make.

The development and application of internal quality control procedures is an integral part of our investment.


For the sake of your comfort, we have developed a scheme for processing requests regarding the quality of our services.

  • Each of our clients, after completion of the project, receives the contact details of the person responsible for the warranty service and who remains at your disposal.
  • The person responsible for removing the reported defect, based on the nature, extent of the defect and the client’s requirements, sets a deadline with the client for the implementation of the assumed scope of work and exercises due diligence to keep it.
  • If the reported defect is not considered to fall within the warranty scope, the client shall be immediately notified in writing.
  • The process of removing a reported defect is considered completed when the client accepts the warranty work confirmed by a protocol.

We analyse each reported and removed defect and it becomes a source of knowledge that we use during the implementation of subsequent works.