As a general contractor, we provide a comprehensive service for the entire construction process. Thanks to this, the implementation of the investment becomes maximally effective, safe and convenient for the investor. Therefore, it does not require the involvement of additional internal resources by the client.

Entrusting us with all tasks related to the implementation of the investment positively affects the optimisation of costs incurred by our clients. The investor does not have to worry about coordinating the work.

We ensure timely completion of the project in accordance with the design, investment budget and work schedule.

As a general contractor, we provide a warranty for a period satisfactory to investors. In what we offer, the investor may also receive an extension for service after the construction process is completed. The implementation is carried out following an open book basis or in a lump sum.

As a general contractor, we have specialised in the implementation of new investments and renovations of:

Public utility facilities

We have experience in the construction and reconstruction of medical facilities, hospital rooms in addition to comprehensive medical equipment and railway stations, school buildings, offices, police stations and city offices.

The implementation of such projects, and the need to apply non-standard solutions for this type of facilities, is possible thanks to our expertise and extensive professional experience. To ensure business continuity for the investor, we are able to carry out work on an operating facility.

Renovations of historic buildings

We carry out comprehensive renovations of historic buildings. During every renovation project, we need to combine care to restore the former splendour of a historic building with the requirements of modern construction. Historic buildings not only gain a new glow but also become well-functioning facilities of everyday use and are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The effects of our work have been repeatedly very positively assessed by conservators of monuments. In particular, the publication in the magazine Renowacje i Zabytki [Renovations and Monuments] concerning PKP Poznań West railway station should definitely be mentioned.

Industrial and storage halls

We carry out the construction and modernisation of warehouses and production facilities. We create halls tailored to the individual needs of our clients, which result from the specificity of their business. We strictly carry out construction in accordance with specific customer standards. On the other hand, we are able to offer non-standard construction solutions. In both cases, we guarantee the implementation of the investment, according to customer requirements.

Housing construction

We offer the preparation of design and construction of residential complexes. We have many years of experience in this field, supported by very successful projects. We guarantee implementation with scrupulous attention to every detail. While maintaining all standards of safety and functionality, and regarding the development of space around residential buildings, we will advise on how to create a place in which to live well.

Trade facilities

As a general contractor, we carry out the construction and modernisation of hypermarkets, large-format retail stores and other retail outlets. We are an experienced contractor of projects for investors from various fields of trade. Our team of experienced professionals will implement your investment with care for every aspect of the facility’s operation. In addition to the construction of the building itself, we also work in the field of infrastructure and connections.

Halls and other sports facilities

We build halls and sports facilities. We will implement a project for you that will not only be safe, functional, equipped with necessary installations but will also meet the specific needs of the investor and its users. We adapt the facility to the requirements of sports to be played in its area. The experience gained so far in the construction of halls and sports facilities allows us to provide professional advice on the selection of specialised construction materials.

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We offer cooperation in several models. From general contracting, through design and build, turnkey construction, to A to Z projects.

Each subsequent form is enriched with a larger range of our services.

We are ready to be the contractor of the delivered project, but are also ready to implement turnkey investments and even projects from A to Z. We will take over as much of your duties as possible.

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