Industrial facilities

Expansion of the production hall with a social area for Ardagh Metal Beverage Poland

Investor: Ardagh Metal Beverage Polad Sp. z o.o.  

Timeline: 02/2019 – still ongoing

Location: Radomsko 

Ardagh Metal Beverage Poland Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of a wide range of cans for the food sector. The company, operating in more than 100 locations, also decided to develop its business in Radomsko.

We are pleased to support it in this process and to implement the construction of a production hall with a social part.

The scope of construction of the hall included, among others:

Expansion of the existing ARDAGH METAL BEVERAGE POLAND SP. Z O.O. production hall with the installation of three production lines and the construction of a social and office building with the necessary technical and road infrastructure in the Radomsko plant on Krasickiego Street (150/152). We carried out works on an operating facility and thanks to this, it was possible to avoid work being interrupted, which became a source of savings for the client.

Detailed description:

  • Construction of a single-storey production building with internal installations,
  • Equipment and assembly of production devices related to the installation of three production lines,
  • Rebuilding of the northern wall of the existing production plant on the section of the planned expansion in terms of communication connections – gates, doors, technological and installation passages,
  • Construction of a two-storey office and social building with internal installations,
  • Rebuilding of the existing social and office building on the section of the planned expansion in terms of communication connections – doors, installation passages,
  • Construction of foundations for external cooling equipment – five cooling towers,
  • Hardening of the area in the form of planned and rebuilt existing access roads, manoeuvring squares within the building and pedestrian access.

Technical data of the building:

Total internal surface area:

  • production building: 2,288.84m2
  • social and office building: 341.64m2

Cubic capacity:   

  • production and storage building: 31,349.70m2
  • social and office building: 1,766.22m3