Construction of a new operating block pavilon with bed branches in the Karol Jonscher Hospital in Łódź

Together with the modernisation of the hospital facility and medical equipment

Investor: The Karol Jonscher Hospital in Łódź

Timeline: 06/2014 – 10/2016

Location: Łódź

For the Karol Jonscher Hospital, we completed the reconstruction of the rooms, together with the change of use to the hospital administration rooms and the construction of an additional water supply.

We equipped the facility with specialised equipment. The medical equipment purchased included an anaesthesiologic and surgical system, ceiling power units, operating tables, and surgical lamps.

We built a new pavilion, with an area of over 2,600m2, connected to other hospital facilities with an integrated IT system and the entrance to individual departments and operating blocks are controlled by an electronic access system.

The operating block consists of five air-conditioned operating rooms, made in the technology of glass panel building, illuminated by LEDs. The block is also equipped with a modern integrated operating room system, ensuring the possibility of internal data exchange connected to the imaging diagnostics system currently operating in the hospital. All of this increases the number of procedures performed and increases the quality of patient treatment. Operating rooms are prepared to perform many procedures in the field of general surgery, trauma and orthopaedic surgery as well as ophthalmology. The replacement of equipment in a large part of the renovated hospital is of great importance, especially for patients coming to the ER. Professional conditions were created there to provide quick and specialist help.

Value of the implementation:

approx. PLN 34,000,000